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    Individual Parts (27)

  • Classic Empathy Girth
      Classic Empathy Girth
      $99.95 $94.95 inc. GST

      or 4 payments of $23.74 with Afterpay

      The Zilco Empathy Girth are anatomically shaped to wrap around the barrel of the horse. Combined with the integrated elastic core, the result is a girth that gives the horse more flexibility, and which moves with the horse’s breathing.

    • Classic Driving Bridle
        Classic Driving Bridle
        $145.83$201.88 inc. GST

        This bridle has a padded headpiece, designed to reduce poll pressure. It features an independent noseband that adjusts from the cheeks on each side. This reduces the number of straps over the poll.

        Does not include driving bit.

      • Empathy Collar (Single)
          Empathy Collar (Single)
          $246.95$419.85 inc. GST

          The Empathy works with the horse’s conformation by allowing greater freedom of movement through the shoulder, enabling the horse to pull a load with minimal restriction to limb movement or pressure on the shoulder joint.

        • Classic Breeching
            Classic Breeching
            $94.95$104.45 inc. GST

            Breeching is essentially part of the braking system for the harness. It is fitted around the rear end of the horse. As the horse slows, it uses the breeching to provide a means with which to hold the vehicle from running on.

          • Classic Sliding Backband Saddle
              Classic Sliding Backband Saddle
              $246.95$275.45 inc. GST

              The sliding backband saddle is designed for use with two-wheeled vehicles, or four wheeled vehicles that have rigid fixed shafts. The unique design of the Zilco saddle tree and use of special terrets allows the backband to slide freely. This has a self-balancing effect on the shafts to give a more comfortable ride for both horse and passengers.

            • Build your own Classic Harness (Single)

              The Zilco Classic is the most popular original Zilco harness for all types of driving.

              Equally at home in the dressage arena, the toughest of marathon courses, or simply a pleasure day out.

              Light to carry, yet tremendously strong.

            • Classic Dee & Slot End Traces (32mm)
                Classic Dee & Slot End Traces (32mm)
                $85.45$104.45 inc. GST

                Traces are what attach the horse to the vehicle. They are buckled into the end of the breastplate and attached at the other end to the carriage tree.

                The dee end allows a quick release connection to the vehicle, while the addition of the slot means that they can also be used with a regular swingle tree.

              • Classic Driving Girth
                  Classic Driving Girth
                  $40.80$47.45 inc. GST

                  This is a soft, padded girth, designed for the comfort of the horse. It features 25mm (1″) stainless steel buckles and is made to suit Classic Harness Saddles.

                • Classic Crupper
                    Classic Crupper
                    $66.45$80.70 inc. GST

                    Used to prevent the harness saddle from moving forward, this newly designed model sits flatter against the horse’s back and features a new, softer foam padded dock. It also features loops in the backband, designed to hold the breeching straps in the correct position.

                  • 25mm Breeching Straps (Universal)
                      25mm Breeching Straps (Universal)
                      $74.95 $71.20 inc. GST

                      or 4 payments of $17.80 with Afterpay

                      Where Single Harness is used, Breeching straps are the means of connecting the breeching to the vehicle to allow braking. In Pairs Harness, they form a link between the breeching ring and breastplate of the wheeler horses.

                    • Classic False Belly Band
                        Classic False Belly Band
                        $21.80$28.45 inc. GST

                        The False Belly Band feeds through the keepers of the girth and buckles onto the tug straps (on a single harness) or the Breastplate to Saddle fitting (on pairs harness).

                      • Quick Release Tugs
                          Quick Release Tugs
                          $75.95$99.70 inc. GST
                        • Classic Saddle
                            Classic Saddle
                            $199.45$249.80 inc. GST

                            All Zilco Classic saddles are constructed with a unique elastomeric flexible tree, which conforms to the shape of most horses whilst giving good spine clearance.


                          • Classic Single Breastplate
                              Classic Single Breastplate
                              $246.95$275.45 inc. GST

                              The traditionally styled breastplate sits above the point of the shoulder and below the windpipe where the neck meets the chest. The horse pushes forward into the breastplate and provides forward motion for the carriage.

                            • Fine Bridle Headpiece - Shetland
                                Fine Bridle Headpiece
                                $18.95$23.70 inc. GST

                                This bridle headpiece is softly padded to reduce poll pressure and for extra comfort.

                              • Zilco Classic Harness (Single)
                                  Zilco Classic Harness (Single)
                                  $1 291.95$1 467.70 inc. GST
                                • Trace Carry Straps (16mm)
                                    Trace Carry Straps (16mm)
                                    $29.95 $24.23 inc. GST

                                    or 4 payments of $6.06 with Afterpay

                                    Trace carry straps are used to prevent the traces from hanging too low, thus helping to prevent the horse from getting their leg over the trace.

                                  • Classic False Martingale